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Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Advice
Nutrition is a crucial component of health and wellness.  But with our polluted environment, our food chain is depleted of essential vitamins and minerals.  And while synthetic, high-potency vitamins appear to be a good choice, they are not able to be absorbed by our bodies.

Humans were designed to get our nutrition from our food through whole food complexes. That's why we offer organically grown, whole food supplements along with nutritional screenings to target and address any deficiencies and get you back on the road to health.

Our lifestyle choices are another vital component to optimal wellness.  And every positive change, no matter how small, will drastically improve your health in the long run.  Think of it as if you're an airplane pilot: being one degree off course will leave you hundreds of miles off target.  Let's take small steps together to bring you back on course to wellness.
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